FBI Finally Issues Response To Bombshell Revelations In Twitter Files

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The FBI has finally broken their silence regarding revelations that have surfaced from the publication of the “Twitter Files” concerning the bureau’s involvement with the social media giant by stating it never asked Twitter to “take action” to censor content. Well, you know, given the track record the FBI has for being used as a weapon in the hands of Democrats to attack political opponents, we all have a hard time believing that claim. Not to mention the information in the files that have been released strongly suggest otherwise.

“We are providing it so that they can take whatever action they deem appropriate under their terms of service to protect their platform and protect their customers,” the FBI remarked in a statement given to Fox News on Wednesday. “But we never direct or ask them to take action.”

A report from Just the News said, “The files are a series of recent posts by several independent journalist about efforts by top Twitter executives and outside stakeholders before Elon Musk recently bought the social media platform to expose their efforts to censor or suppress content.”

These efforts, including the ones carried out by top figures in the Democratic Party along with individuals in the FBI, were revealed in emails and other internal and external communications that have been made known through the drops made possible by Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

“The revelations show that the FBI regularly contacted Twitter employees about content it deemed questionable, paid the social media platform for legal requests and discredited the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the story was published on it,” the report said.

How many times now has the FBI been busted abusing their authority to carry out political attacks against those they consider enemies simply because they don’t bow the knee before the progressive overlords who have weaseled their way into the government at various levels?

Back during the summer, we saw the FBI launch a raid on the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump as they allegedly sought out classified documents in what was a clear effort to find something, anything really, they could charge him with in order to prevent him from being eligible to run for president.

It seems that effort failed. Spectacularly.

Especially since Trump announced just a month ago, not long after the 2022 midterms that he would once again be running in 2024.

But that’s not all that the FBI has been up to. They’ve also been busy persecuting pro-life activists and harassing them in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision being overturned back in June.

And now, thanks to Musk, we have evidence that demonstrates the FBI applied significant pressure to social media companies like Twitter to censor conservative accounts and tweets leading up to the 2020 presidential election, including the suppression of a damaging news story from the New York Post concerning the laptop of Hunter Biden, the younger son of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Of course, we all know that are tons of messages and communications on the laptop that seemingly connect the elder Biden to his son’s shady foreign business dealings, including a selling of political access and influence when Biden served as former President Barack Obama’s vice president.

This corruption and potential abuse of power must be investigated properly and the guilty parties held accountable for their actions.

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