Five Radical Left-Wing Extremists Arrested After Being Pulled From Treehouses; Here Are The Charges They Face

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The one thing we have heard over and over again from the radical left, including President Joe Biden, is that many of the individuals who support former President Donald Trump are right-wing extremists who want to overthrow the government. Of course, there’s little to no evidence in existence to support such an absurd statement, but it’s all part of the narrative weaving the Democrats are doing to cause complete and total division among the American people.

But when folks bring up the violent members of radical progressive groups like Antifa, who have routinely engaged in acts of legitimate terrorism, such as assaulting people with “concrete milkshakes,” riots, and looting, Biden sings a different tune and says Antifa isn’t an actual group, it’s just an “idea.”

Well, then how does the president explain five radical leftist members of Antifa being arrested and charged with domestic terrorism in the state of Georgia then? These individuals have been carrying out a violent campaign of terror for months now, with the goal in mind of stopping the construction of a new law enforcement training center in Dekalb County’s South River Forest, however, finally, police responded to these nut-jobs and brought an end to their violence.

According to TheBlaze, that while some of these alleged terrorists took refuge in nearby treehouses while they carried out their campaign, the law finally managed to pull them down.

“The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that a task force composed of GBI agents, Atlanta police, the FBI, the DeKalb County Police Department, and other agencies executed a successful operation on Tuesday to remove leftist barricades from the entrances to Atlanta’s new $90 million police training center and to clear the area of criminal activity,” the report said.

GBI spokesman Nelly Miles revealed that the operation was prompted by the “ongoing criminal activity at the site location,” including “carjacking, various crimes against persons, destruction of property, arson, and attacks against public safety officials.”

Attacks from the leftist lunatics had become common place in the area over recent months. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in October that the terrorists were hellbent on stopping the construction of what they referred to as “Cop City” on city property and actually threw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officials.

The radicals also reportedly threatened the building contractors, destroyed their equipment, and vandalized their offices.

TheBlaze said, “Richard Porter claimed that when he stopped briefly in the area, he was set upon by people apparently living in the woods and wearing ‘camouflaged stuff.’ The extremists allegedly threw a ‘gas bomb’ at Porter and then torched his truck. WXIA reported that on Saturday, firefighters were dispatched to the area to put out a fire apparently set by the leftists. However, when they attempted to extinguish the flames, they were struck by rocks and firecrackers.”

The group of left-wing miscreants hit police and first responders with rocks and bottles on Tuesday, but law enforcement fought back using pepper balls.

“The task force that addressed the extremist threat this week arrested 22-year-old Francis Carroll of Maine, 25-year-old Nicholas Olson of Nebraska, 25-year-old Serena Hertel of California, 20-year-old Leonardo Vioselle of Georgia, and 22-year-old Arieon Robinson of Wisconsin, each of whom have been charged with domestic terrorism,” the report added.

Vioselle is the only suspect among the five taken into custody who lives locally. The gang of terrorists could end up spending a total of 35 years in prison if convicted of the domestic terrorism charges.

As of now, the suspects are being held in jail without bond, and are also being charged with criminal trespass, aggravated assault, obstruction, and interference with government property.

The GBI also stated that they found gasoline, explosive devices and road flares.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) posted on Twitter, “We will not rest when it comes to bringing domestic terrorists to justice, and these arrests should serve as a strong reminder of that.”

District Attorney Sherry Boston remarked in a release, “I strongly believe in the right to peacefully protest for what one believes is right and just. However, I draw the line at violence, destruction of property, and threatening and causing harm to others. … The alleged acts of violence at the training facility site put the public in grave danger, and will not be tolerated.”

Other activists have come forward at a press conference  and stated that the criminality will not come to an end with the arrest of these five individuals. But hey, just remember guys, Antifa is just an ideal.

Image source: Twitter video, @ajplus – Screenshot
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