FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands Investigation Into Drag Queen Christmas Shows

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Conservative powerhouse Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and his administration are now expanding investigations into several drag queen shows that were held at various venues across his state over the course of the holiday season after reports emerged that many of them were wildly inappropriate and possibly illegal, due to underage kids being present in the audience.

Local Florida news network WFLA reported late last week that the GOP governor’s administration announced they would be launching this investigation after reports were submitted which alleged these performances exposed children to sexually explicit materials. The announcement came just ahead of other scheduled drag shows that were planned for that week. DeSantis’ administration warned that these too would be investigated.

“The investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation said contracted company Big Time Operator, LLC, working under the name ‘Drag Fans’ is potentially violating state statutes through its ‘A Drag Queen Christmas’ show,” WFLA said, according to the Conservative Brief.

An investigation by the state began after the show’s performance in Fort Lauderdale. Now, another stop on the show’s tour in Florida in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall received a warning over the show’s content,” the WFLA report continued. “As previously reported, ‘A Drag Queen Christmas,’ features former stars of the reality competition ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ The holiday-themed show goes on tour all over the U.S. The latest investigation announcement continues a series of similar actions at drag-focused events. In July, the governor announced investigation into a drag show at a Miami bar, alleging there were children in attendance.”

DeSantis has also issued a warning that he could potentially have the state’s division of child protective services launch an investigation into the parents who took their kids to the shows. This is brilliant, as it’s a legitimate reason to use the CPS agency, which is a tactic ripped right out of the handbook of the radical left. They would be getting a taste of their own medicine.

They are the ones who have created the rules by which the game is being played. It’s about time we started engaging the same way. It’s the only real way to bring them down.

“To avoid action being taken against your license, it is your obligation to ensure that minors are prohibited from attending the Drag Fans drag show,” Melanie S. Griffin, the Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation, went on to say in a letter addressed to one of the shows scheduled in Clearwater, Fla. “If minors are allowed to attend this drag show, the Department will take any and all actions available to ensure that you do not pose a threat to minors in the future.”

This isn’t the first time that DeSantis has taken action to protect children from sexual perversion. We are all familiar with his parental rights in education bill that stopped young kids from being indoctrinated with sexual education and gender identity nonsense.

But that’s not all.

According to a group of documents that were obtained by the Daily Caller, DeSantis’ administration is also set to file a lawsuit against a bar located in the city of Miami that investigators discovered allowed minors and children to watch drag queen shows that involved performers in skimpy attire.

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