Fox Panel Explodes Like Shaken Soda Pop All Over Pete Buttigieg Over Climate Hypocrisy

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A panel on Fox News tore Transportation Secretary and climate enthusiast Pete Buttigieg over being a raging left-wing hypocrite after learning that he was not only regularly employing the use of a private plane instead of flying commercial, but that he was using the tax dollars of hardworking Americans to pay for his travel.

We should be used to seeing the hypocrisy of the Biden administration at this point, and maybe we are, but the one thing we’d all love to see that there’s little chance of seeing, is people like Buttigieg — man, what an awful last name — be held accountable for their hypocrisy, especially by their own party. The left loves to call out the right, but never hold their own accountable. Practice what you preach, guys.

A report from the Daily Wire revealed, “According to a report published Monday by Fox News Digital’s Thomas Catenacci, Buttigieg has flown across the United States — using private jets at taxpayer expense — on at least 18 occasions. The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor is hardly the first government official to take criticism for such travel — former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao took heat for seven taxpayer-funded flights totaling $94,000, and former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned after his 26 private flights cost taxpayers $1.2 million.”

“But after months of listening to Buttigieg push Americans toward public transit and a transition to electric vehicles, the panelists on Monday’s broadcast of ‘Outnumbered’ made it clear they had had enough of the “do as I say, not as I do” Washington mentality,” the report continued.

“Shouldn’t anyone who espouses that hyper-moralism in terms of environmentalism, shouldn’t they be the ones who have to live the most stringent lives in terms of keeping themselves from enjoying luxuries like private plane travel?” Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy went on to ask during the program.

“Walk the walk, man!” co-host Emily Compagno exclaimed with more than a little conviction. “It is ridiculous to me that our tax dollars are funding for someone to travel internationally to Canada to pick up an award for advancing LGBTQ rights. Why then wouldn’t you, in your symbolism of advancement, take a commercial airline?”

“The notion that his holier-than-thou-ness is costing me? That’s what I can’t take,” Compagno added. “I would love for my tax dollars to stop paying for their hypocrisy.”

Kennedy then chimed in, “I think he should have to ride his bicycle all across the country.”

Buttigieg, a former mayor, has talked repeatedly about biking to the office when he can, but guess what? There’s a little surveillance footage out there that shows his security detail delivering his bike by SUV, which led to rumors that he actually drove most of the way to a meeting and biked a very short distance just for show. Pathetic, right?

“He rode his bike to the White House Cabinet meeting and he rode his bike back to DOT after the meeting,” the Department of Transportation replied at the time.

Hypocrisy has become the hallmark of the left. The vast majority of left-wing politicians will say and do anything in order to get a cushy job in Congress where they can do as little as possible, but still, somehow, come out of their time in public service wealthy. Funny how that happens.

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