GO WOKE, GO BROKE: AOC Just Learned The Hard Way Theater-Goers Are Sick Of Being Preached To As New Movie Flops

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You’d think by now liberals both in the government and in Hollywood would have figured out that Americans are sick and tired of getting preached to when ever they go to the movie theater, as every film that seems to come out is just a bunch of woke talking points and every cast nothing more than diversity hires. These movies rarely ever make money. In fact, most of them flop. Ask Disney. The last few films they have put out, particularly the animated ones, have failed to produce a profit.

This is a lesson that diehard progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, has learned the hard way as her brand new climate change documentary, “To The End,” took a swan dive at the box office, bringing in some seriously abysmal sales numbers.

“The flick opened on Dec. 9 at 120 theaters. But since then, it’s made just $9,667, according to BoxOfficeMoJo. That’s $80.55 per screen. And let’s say the tickets are $16.25, as they are at Regal Theaters. That would equate to fewer than 600 people who actually saw it,” The Daily Wire reported.

That is absolutely embarrassing. I mean yikes. If the idea behind the purpose of a documentary is to spread a message, this film is surely failing big time. And that should show you what moviegoers actually want. Good stories. They don’t want preachy narratives. Tell good stories and let your themes flow naturally out of those tales, and people will pick up on it. And what you have to say will be so much more powerful.

Here’s a trailer for the film:

“Of course, the critics hailed it; the film drew an 83% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. But even there, the movie got some spotty reviews,” the report continued.

“‘To the End’ keeps its large canvas entertaining and informative. Even so, it preaches enough to the choir that this documentary can hardly serve as an introduction for those belatedly coming to terms with its central issues,” Variety said in its review of the movie.

“Who would go see a movie that’s the opposite of entertaining?” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said of the film. “There’s nothing entertaining about that. … But it does show you how great it is to be a progressive in a liberal, biased culture. She really doesn’t do her job, right? She makes movies, she goes to galas. She sits for glossy, butt-kissing interviews in GQ and other women’s mags.”

Jesse Watters stated that AOC might be popular in her little slice of New York, but that doesn’t seem to be the case across the country.

“This is what politicians often get confused about: Just because you’re popular in politics doesn’t mean you’re popular anywhere else. In fact, usually people that can’t do anything anywhere else go into politics to succeed. And she found out that the hard way,” Watters continued.

He then said that the movie shows AOC taking a hike — wish she would take one away from public service — but then focuses on “her whole life on social media — You can never see her in private. Everything is on social media. I’ve never seen her hike before, but the one time she does a documentary about the environment, she’s out there doing the Appalachian Trail: I’m not buying it.”

People don’t want propaganda for entertainment. They want stories that provide them with an escape from the real world, the one that is being ruined by the very same individuals making the propaganda. Give us a break, Hollywood.

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