GOP Presidential Candidate Ramaswamy Makes Big Prediction About DeSantis, Trump In 2024 Race

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Conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who recently threw his hat into the ring for the GOP 2024 presidential nomination, thinks that toward the end of the year, he could potentially rise in the polls to such a degree that he might end up overtaking Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to become the top challenger facing off against former President Donald Trump in the primary.

This information comes from a campaign memo that was released on Wednesday.

Ben Yoho, chief executive officer for Vivek 2024, believes that Ramaswamy could jump to the second or third slot in the polls by the end of the year, and will become the main opposition to Trump, Yoho wrote in the memo. Yoho believes DeSantis will falter as tensions continue between the governor and former president, which will allow for Ramaswamy to slide in,” the Daily Caller reported.

“As Trump and DeSantis continue to destroy each other over the summer and into the fall, GOP voters will be looking for a third alternative who is an outsider and embraces the Trump/America First agenda,” Yoho went on to say. “By early 2024, GOP Primary voters will have a clear choice between President Trump and the memories of America First 1.0, or Vivek Ramaswamy and the promise of America First 2.0.”

In the all-important state of Iowa, Ramaswamy currently only has 2.6 percent support from likely Republican voters, according to a Victory Insights poll released on April 14. The well known businessman did a little better — very, very little — in the state of New Hampshire, where he pulled in three percent support from GOP voters, according to an April 19 poll from the University of New Hampshire.

“In contrast to Trump, Vivek will go even further based on first principles and moral conviction, in the tradition of President Reagan, rather than through vengeance, grievance, and victimhood,” Yoho stated.

“Ramaswamy’s ‘America First’ agenda paired with his fundraising operation, which Yoho describes as his ‘hidden advantage’ could lead him to the GOP nomination, according to the memo. The businessman has already raised $1 million in small-dollar donations since his February launch, with more than 20,000 individual donors, and has almost as much cash on hand as the former president, according to the memo,” the Daily Caller said.

“Vivek 2024 is quietly positioned to win early primaries and shock the world,” the memo goes on to state.

I think there’s quite a bit of wishful thinking here on the part of Ramaswamy. Both Trump and DeSantis are forces to be reckoned with, and anyone who is planning to challenge the two of them for top spots in the polls are going to face a massive uphill battle.

Both of the big dogs at the top of the pile have well established track records for actually working toward fulfilling their campaign promises and enacting their agenda, pleasing their voter base big time. Many of the other candidates who have stepped forward have lacked that kind of established record, including Ramaswamy.

At the end of the day, it seems almost a guarantee that Trump will walk away with the nomination. If not him, and DeSantis officially declares he’s running, he’ll be the guy. Which means, the United States is in a prime spot to have real, authentic leadership back in the White House come 2024.

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