Gun Control Advocates Chomp At The Bit As They Take A Bite Out Of GOP Senator After Nashville Shooting

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Leftists wasted no time at all in jumping all over Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee after she released a statement concerning the horrific and deadly shooting at a Nashville Christian school on Monday, which was carried out by a woman who identified as a man and left three children and three adults dead. Because that’s what the left does best, right? Attack, attack, attack. All in the name of pushing their political agenda, not caring at all about the potential damage they do in the process.

“Chuck & I are heartbroken to hear about the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville,” Blackburn posted in a tweet. “My office is in contact with federal, state, & local officials, & we stand ready to assist. Thank you to the first responders working on site. Please join us in prayer for those affected.”

According to TheBlaze, California Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a response to Blackburn’s tweet, demanding that she pass “commonsense gun laws,” which we all know is a code word for trampling the Second Amendment of the Constitution. After all, an unarmed populace is a compliant one, right?

“You received $1,306,130 in donations from the NRA. You voted against the most recent bipartisan gun package in June. If you’re so ‘ready to assist’ — start by doing your job and passing commonsense gun laws that will help prevent tragedies like the one today,” Newsom said. You know, I think Gavin needs to mind his own business and worry about the rampant gun violence that is happening in his own state, despite all of the strict gun control measures they currently have in place. I mean, it’s almost like the bad guys don’t follow the law or something.

Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez of California claimed that Blackburn does not care about doing anything to protect children, tweeting, ‘0. That’s how many f— you give when it comes to actually doing something to protect our kids,'” the report continued.

“Gun control activist David Hogg, who was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, when a mass shooting was perpetrated there in 2018, suggested that Blackburn and others have enabled school shootings to occur,” TheBlaze stated.

“Let me re write that for you. Chuck & I are heartbroken to hear about the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville that was enabled by NRA puppets like me who are willing to let kids be f[***]ing slaughtered so long as the NRA continues giving me millions,” Hogg said in response to Blackburn’s post.

Blackburn, who obviously believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is calling for additional security at schools in order to protect students. That is what a real “commonsense” measure looks like.

The radical left is coming for our guns, folks. It sounds alarmist, but you know it’s true. It’s more important than ever to be educated on your rights and to vote in favor of candidates who will actually step up to the plate and defend them, even if it means they aren’t popular or have long congressional careers.

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