Joy Behar FURIOUS At ‘Heterosexual Men’ For Supporting Tackle Football After Horrible Incident

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Welp, I can fully attest to the  indisputable fact that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, because I did not get what I asked for this year. All I wanted under the Christmas tree was for Joy Behar, co-host of “The View” to remain silent from now until eternity. It’s a simple, small request. The fact I didn’t get it is proof Santa is all just a bunch of baloney.

So what is Behar blowing her mouth off about this time? Well, according to TheBlaze, she’s absolutely livid with “heterosexual men,” and “conservatives,” for daring to put their support behind the sport of tackle football as the crew of progressives chit-chatted about the frightening incident that took place Monday night involving Damar Hamlin.

Please, someone, anyone, tell this horrid excuse for a lady to put a cork in it!

“The co-hosts of  ‘The View’ were discussing the injury that left the 24-year-old player hospitalized when Behar jumped in to scold conservatives and heterosexual men for being supportive of children in tackle football,” the report explained.

“45% of Americans think that tackle football is appropriate. Heterosexual men voted the most support for kids doing football,” Behar remarked during the program. “And conservatives were more likely to support youth tackle football. Just saying.”

Sunny Hostin, another one of the co-hosts on the show, revealed that her son stopped playing youth football after he sustained a significant injury that she alleges made him reassess the risks of playing the popular sport.

Behar decided to once again throw her two cents into the mix by saying kids could just play golf or tennis instead of football. Ah, nothing like the smell of the feminization of future young men in the morning, right guys?

“Hamlin’s injury unfolded during Monday Night Football in the middle of the highly anticipated match between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. With millions of viewers watching, he got up after a tackle and then toppled over seconds later,” TheBlaze said.

“Hamlin was given CPR on the field and was hospitalized in critical condition at the UC Medical Center in Cincinnati. Officials said later that the had suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and was placed on oxygen in the ambulance on the way to the hospital,” the report continued.

Here’s the thing. We don’t actually know, as of this writing, what caused the incident. Is it possible the impact of the tackle was responsible? Sure. Though, to be honest, it looked like an average hit. Could it be the “thing that shall not be named, but you know what I mean anyway?” Yeah. That might have played a role. Or, Hamlin might have an undiagnosed heart condition, a common phenomenon among young athletes.

It could be a whole lot of different things. We just really don’t have any information on what happened, so it seems stupid to just immediately point the finger at football and heterosexual men for liking the sport, as the cause of Hamlin’s incident.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills released a statement saying there were signs that Hamlin’s condition was improving, but he remained under sedation in critical condition,” TheBlaze stated. “Thousands of football players, coaches, and fans donated to a GoFundMe account to support a charity previously founded by Hamlin to provide toys for underprivileged children in his hometown of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Originally created with a goal of $2,500, the account has garnered more than $6.8 million.”

Image Source: The View YouTube video screenshot via TheBlaze
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