Ladies Of ‘The View’ Lose It Over Red Flag Laws, Student Who Shot Teacher

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The ladies of “The View,” arguable the worst daytime talk show in the history of television, turned into a shouting match on Thursday as the co-hosts of the program got into a rather heated debate concerning red flag laws and whether or not they are actually a good idea and if they are effective. I mean, I don’t think, at this point, any sort of gun control law really needs to be debated. They’ve all failed time and time again, which just goes to show that any person who is under the delusion that more laws are the right solution for the gun violence issue are woefully deceived or incredibly inept.

“The conversation came about as a response to a shooting that took place when a six-year-old student brought a gun to school and shot his teacher — despite multiple warnings that the school administrators had reportedly failed to act upon,” the Daily Wire reported.

The conversation kicked off with co-host Joy Behar going on a rampage against legal gun owners and if you dared to disagree with her assessment that guns are the problem and not people, well, that put you in her crosshairs so to speak.

“The beauty of this story is that the right wing of this country would have us believe that it has nothing to do with the guns and that the solution to these type of shootings is to arm the teachers,” she blabbed during the segment. “So, now, the teacher has a gun — was she supposed to shoot the kid? What would have happened if she had a gun? Who was she supposed to shoot?”

“Behar then pivoted, saying that some might argue that shootings could be stopped by ‘good guys with guns,’ noting that there had been police present in Uvalde who had not entered the school during the shooting there,” the report continued.

“This country needs to grow up!” she screamed, going on to suggest that the United States was not “civilized” because stronger gun control laws have yet to be implemented in the country. Murder is already illegal, by the way, a long with a whole host of other violent acts. Yet people engage in them on a daily basis. Just because something is illegal, doesn’t mean people will obey the law. I mean, that’s kind of what makes them criminals in the first place.

Here’s a bit more of the exchange via the Daily Wire:

Co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in then, claiming that the others at the table had previously “skewered” her for asserting that red flag laws were “not enough” to handle the issue.

“There’s a red flag law in Virginia,” she pointed out.

“I support red flag laws,” Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin remarked.

“But they don’t work!” Hostin’s voice rose. “It didn’t work!”

“They’re not being —” Sara Haines interrupted as everyone began talking at once. “Excuse me. They’re not being implemented properly —”

“And that’s what I said,” Hostin pushed back.

“It doesn’t mean you give up —” Haines tried again, repeating, “It doesn’t mean you give up —”

“But they knew!” Goldberg shouted over the crosstalk, trying to get the segment back under control.

Gun control laws are absolutely ineffective when it comes to curbing gun violence. If these measures worked, then wouldn’t Chicago be the safest city in the country? But it’s not. In fact, it has way more gun violence than most places in the United States. Bad guys don’t obey the law. Period. Bottom line.

Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens, not criminals. They create victims, not save them.

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