Loony Leftist Professor Demanding Black Staff Get Paid Time Off…The Reason Is Absurd

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Professor Angel Jones who “teaches” — more like “indoctrinates” — students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has now called for black staff members to receive time off so they can all cope with the “trauma” they’ve had to endure because of systemic racism. In other words, these individuals want to have receive special treatment because of their skin color, not being treated as equal to all other people regardless of race, but to be a protected class with more rights than the rest of us.

Anyone else really getting sick of this garbage?

Also, think twice before sending your children to one of these institutions and paying out of your backside for tuition. These “educators” are doing nothing but transforming your kids into statist monsters who will ultimately hate you and everything you stand for.

Breitbart reports, “As a visiting professor, Angel Jones adheres to Critical Race Theory (CRT), which holds that America’s institutions and levers of power are systemically racist and designed to benefit both ‘white people’ and people who attain a status of ‘whiteness.’ In an article published in Times Higher Education late last month, Jones said that black faculty need special paid time off along with special mental health therapy to deal with systemic racism.

Via Fox News:

She called campus-wide statements to students in the aftermath of racial events in the news as “obligatory” and “performative,” adding it didn’t go far enough to address Black faculty’s “trauma,” which they need to “process.”

“Where are ourcounseling services? Where is our grace for missed meetings and deadlines while we mourn? Yes, we have jobs to do and students to support, but we also have trauma to process.”

In order to deal with “racial battle fatigue,” the professor said funding should be allocated to the mental health of Black staff.

Jones then went on to say that this “racial battle fatigue,” which is a reference to the alleged psychological impact of systemic racism, has severe, even deadly consequences if it isn’t handled correctly, potentially resulting in suicidal thoughts and “elevated heart rate, tension headaches, and stomach ulcers.”

This is the very definition of melodrama, ladies and gentlemen. By the way these individuals talk, you’d think we’re living in the south during the Jim Crow era. Systemic racism has been done away with, thankfully, for quite some time now. That’s a progression we should be thankful for. People should never be judged by the color of their skin. It’s what people do that defines them, not their color. What a person does is indicative of his or her moral character, who they really are.

“We experience these symptoms on a regular basis as a result of our first-hand racial trauma,” she went on to say. “Free counseling services, by culturally competent counselors familiar with identifying and addressing [racial battle fatigue], should be available at all times.”

The professor also demanded “black bereavement leave,” which will provide faculty members with the “space and time to grieve” after a traumatic event.

“Don’t assume you know what they want or need just because you read this article. Anti-Blackness is intentional, so your efforts to combat it must also be,” she added later.

Give me a break.

Image source: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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