Mainstream Media Now Questioning Biden’s Viability As 2024 Presidential Candidate; Here’s What They Said

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You know things are looking bleak for President Joe Biden when even the establishment media hacks are starting to question his viability as the 2024 presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. Most of the time, the incumbent president is just assumed to be the party’s nominee, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. And some of that is due to the really poor performance of the current administration.

Oh and the fact Joe Biden is older than dirt.

The issues with the president were brought up on the same day he’s set to undergo a physical examination, according to information published in a report by Breitbart News.

“As rumors swirl Biden will launch a reelection campaign in April, the media appear to be taking the position Biden’s age and mental acuity could impact his chances of defeating the GOP nominee. One outlet phrased the White House’s attempt to play down the dilemma as a balancing act,” the report continued.

“That is leading to a focus on events that try to play up the president’s vitality, while trying to strike a balance in the schedule of a man who tends to make more blunders when tired,” CNN’s  and  stated.

If Biden were to run for a second term in 2024 and win, he would retain his current designation as the oldest president in United States history. He would be 86 by the end of his second term. I mean, we’ve seen this guy mumble, bumble, and stumble for the last two years. There is no way he is mentally fit to serve as the commander-in-chief. Just imagine how much worse all of these conditions would be if he managed to hang on to life until the end of his 8 years in office.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Many in the Democrat apparatus are privately worried the party is dismissing the dilemma and “looking ahead” to the nomination. “To many top Democratic operatives and officials looking ahead, Biden’s age is the top issue of his reelection campaign,” the CNN article warned.

Biden has pushed back on claims he is too old and unhealthy. In October, Biden vowed his mental ability and physical energy are perfectly fine. “I’m in good health. All my, everything physically about me is still functioning well, so you know, and mentally too,” Biden said.

But not all Democrat lawmakers agree. According to Politico Magazine‘s Johnathan Martin, Democrats are worried about Biden’s ability to win reelection and lead the Democrat Party to victory.

“Nobody wants to be the one to do something that would undermine the chances of a Democratic victory in 2024,” Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) went on to tell Martin. “Yet in quiet rooms the conversation is just the opposite — we could be at a higher risk if this path is cleared.”

Another lawmaker offered up the opinion that Biden should be happy with beating Trump back in 2020 and just call it quits having cinched what they referred to as a “moral victory.”

“[A] Democratic lawmaker who recalled speaking to Jill Biden and, hoping to plant a seed about a one-term declaration of victory, told her how her husband should be celebrated for saving democracy,” Martin recalled.

The concern from lawmakers echoes sentiments shared by focus groups and polling results, where the folks at CNN reported the president’s age being constantly brought up as an issue of concern.

“Many veer toward assuming he must be ineffective or being puppeteered: ‘brain dead,’ ‘mush’ – ‘dementia’ is a word that comes up all the time,” one person who possesses knowledge of the focus groups sessions shared.

A total of 64 percent of independent voters have doubts about Biden being mentally sound, with 79 percent of the GOP and 27 percent of Democrats saying the same thing. An overall total of 58 percent of those who responded to the survey have said they have doubts about the president’s mental ability to serve in office.

A second survey shows similar results, revealing less than 25 percent of voters strongly believe Biden is mentally fit, healthy, and stable. Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe he should at least take a cognitive test,” the Breitbart report said.

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