Maryland School District Says ‘No’ To Parents Opting Kids Out Of Gender Identity Lessons

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Parents who have kids enrolled at a school district in the state of Maryland are livid after the district decided that students are not allowed to opt out of gender identity lessons. In other words, they want to indoctrinate your children to think that it’s perfectly reasonable for a biological male to indulge in the delusions he’s fed by a mental disorder and identify as a female, even to the point of mutilating his own body and taking hormones.

This is the public school system in the year 2023. It’s always been rotten, but man, this is downright putrid. It’s insanity. How is this not forcing another’s system of beliefs down your throat? I always thought leftists hated that, what with as often as they claim Christians do it to them. I guess it’s only a problem when it’s someone else’s beliefs being “pressed” on them, huh?

Back on March 23, according to TheBlaze, the Montgomery County Public Schools district notified parents that it would no longer send them any notifications concerning gender identity lessons. In what they are calling an effort to promote an “inclusive environment,” the district also revealed that kids could not opt out of the curriculum.

Parents, here’s your sign. It’s time to pull kids from public school. Private school or homeschool. Those are your only real options left at this point. To leave them in public school is to allow them to be subjected to this nonsense. And it’s only going to get worse from here. I know this is hard to hear and you may hate it, but unless you want your children to be indoctrinated as radical leftists, you’re going to have to make some difficult choices.

“MCPS expects all classrooms to be inclusive and safe spaces for students, including those who identify as LGBTQ+ or have family members in the LGBTQ+ community,” the district went on to say. “A broad representation of personal characteristics within curricular or instructional materials promotes this desired outcome. Therefore, as with all curriculum resources, there is an expectation that teachers utilize these inclusive lessons and texts with all students.”

The district then explained that while the kids are required to complete the gender identity lessons, they are still allowed to be pulled from sex education classes. Big whoop. The damage is done at that point.

“As is standard practice, when planning for instruction teachers/schools are encouraged to utilize a variety of resources to continue to promote an inclusive environment as outlined in the MCPS Core Values and Board Policy,” the district added in the email. “Students and families may not choose to opt out of engaging with any instructional materials, other than ‘Family Life and Human Sexuality Unit of Instruction’ which is specifically permitted by Maryland law. As such, teachers will not send home letters to inform families when inclusive books are read in the future.”

“In response to the notification letter, 70 parents attended the Montgomery County School Board meeting on Tuesday to speak out about the policy. Parents fought for their right to have a say in their children’s education and argued that teaching gender identity lessons violated their religious beliefs, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported,” TheBlaze said.

A parent with a child in the district, Allie Altobelli, said to the DCNF, “None of us have asked for the books to be removed. None of us.”

“We are just asking for what is fair and equitable and our own constitutional right to be able to have religious freedom and opt-out of something that goes against not only my Christian beliefs, but also the Jewish religion, the Muslims. There’s so many people who are not okay with this,” Altobelli continued.

“These are like prepubescent children that haven’t even gone to sex ed. I just keep saying, I am anti-right now, because it’s not appropriate,” she remarked.

Laura Wright, another parent in the district, spoke with the news outlet and said that her kid would be a second grader next year where he will be reading a book called “My Rainbow” by DeShanna Neal and Trinity Neal.

“It’s a book about a transgender kid,” Wright explained. “He’s gonna be learning words like cisgender and transgender. That’s really heavy for his age. I wonder why aren’t they also learning about depression and suicide and addictions at this age then? It’s really heavy and I’m surprised.”

“A school presentation revealed that the district previously released a list of LGBT+ books that it planned to incorporate in elementary school classrooms. One of those books for pre-kindergarten, titled ‘Pride Puppy,’ is a story about a family celebrating Pride Day. In addition, a book for kindergarteners called ‘Uncle Bobby’s Wedding’ is a story about same-sex marriage,” the report stated.

Lindsey Smith, who is serving as the co-chair for the group, Montgomery County Moms for Liberty, told the outlet that a bunch of parents showed up at the meeting with signs that said “we do not co-parent with the government” and “believe in parents to love all others.”

“Smith noted that parents plan to continue to protest until the district grants an opt-out option. If the district refuses to allow children to be removed from the lessons, Moms for Liberty is prepared to take legal action against the board, Smith stated,” the report added.

“Our goal is to team up with community leaders and pastors as well as the other religious groups like the Muslim community, and the Chinese community, who have the same core beliefs and values, and just continue to get louder,” Smith added. “Loudoun County, our neighboring sister in Virginia, was very successful in doing this with the school board and so we have reached out to the people that were activists in that group and asked for their help.”

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