Minnesota Governor Transforms State Into ‘Refuge’ For Genital Mutilations For Children

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The radical left is really hellbent on allowing kids who are too young to drink, vote, and in many cases, drive a car, make life-altering decisions concerning their bodies and health by giving them permission to get gender-reassignment surgeries that mutilate their body permanently, all because they either suffer from gender dysphoria or worse, are under the influence of sociological trends. The latter is especially concerning given the fact that there is no way to reverse the procedure, so once these highly impressionable kids mature and realize they were never really transgender, it’s too late.

The damage is done.

This is what makes what Minnesota Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is doing in his state so egregious and disturbing. Walz issued a decree on March 8 that said his stated is a “refuge” for those who are looking for hormone therapy and gender-affirming mutilations in children and in adults.

“Walz suggested that his admittedly symbolic executive order, which comes amid legislative efforts by red states to protect children from irreversible and dangerous procedures, secures the ‘rights’ of ‘LGBTQIA+ community members’ to ‘affirming their gender identities through safe and scientifically proven treatments,'” TheBlaze is reporting.

John Helmberger, who is currently serving as the CEO of the Minnesota Family Council, slammed the move by Walz, going on to say, “People who struggle with their gender identity deserve compassionate care that will help them become comfortable in their bodies, not mutilate them.”

Here’s more from the report:

The Democratic governor recently signed the “Protect Reproductive Options Act” into law, establishing abortion as a “fundamental right” in a state where the practice of killing the unborn was already legal. Similarly, while largely symbolic, Walz’s latest decree further codifies his administration’s commitment to executing LGBT activists’ agenda.

“All state agencies must, to the fullest extent of their lawful authority, pursue opportunities and coordinate with each other to protect people or entities providing, assisting, seeking, or obtaining gender affirming health care services in Minnesota,” said the Minnesota Democrat.

The executive order issued by the governor requires that the Minnesota Department of Health to:

  • prepare a report by Dec. 31 “summarizing the literature on the scientific evidence about the safety and effectiveness of affirming care and its public health effects”;
  • “refuse to approve any health maintenance organization contract or evidence of coverage that discriminates against individuals on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression”;
  • take action “on any complaints of unfair or deceptive acts or practices by a health maintenance organization related to the denial of medically necessary gender affirming health care services,” which may have implications for religious health care providers unwilling to violate the Hippocratic Oath or their consciences; and
  • “accept health maintenance organizations’ determinations that medically necessary gender affirming health care services are comprehensive health maintenance services.”

Walz later confessed  that nothing in his executive order “should be construed to change Minnesota law or to require coverage of services that are not considered medically necessary” adding that the procedures he believes are necessary for transgender residents to live as “authentic versions of themselves” are already legal and protected.

Radical progressives want to normalize sexual deviance in schools to kids as young as five-years-old. They also want to undermine parents and usurp their authority over their children by allowing them to act as transgenders at school, get abortions without informing their parents, and all sorts of sick and twisted things. On top of that they are supporting children making their own life-altering health decisions when they are not fully developed and mature enough to do so.

Tell me again how Democrats have your kids’ best interest at heart?

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