Musk Rips Into ‘Shifty’ Schiff Over Attempt To Get Reporter Banned From Twitter

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In the latest “Twitter Files” drop from journalist Matt Taibbi, which hit the public on Tuesday, new information emerged concerning a top Democrat from California, the man we all know as Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff, and his attempt to get an investigative journalist removed from the social media platform during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a fairly lengthy Twitter thread published by Taibbi, Schiff, or his office, wanted to see journalist Paul Sperry taken off the platform for apparently sharing information and several reports that went against the official narrative being pushed concerning COVID-19, the vaccine, and other various pieces of data. And as we all know, that’s a big, big no-no. The media is not to report on objective facts or provide an alternative view to the one being pushed by the progressives in the Democratic Party.

No, journalists today are supposed to be propagandists instead, loyal to the progressive agenda and the radical transformation of America from a democratic republic into a socialist nightmare modeled after the theories presented by Karl Marx.

According to the Conservative Brief, “Initially, according to what Taibbi discovered, Twitter’s former management team resisted, but in the end, Sperry was banned anyway. Taibbi’s thread also revealed additional heavy federal government involvement in attempting to control narratives by pressuring the platform to censor information and ban other users as well.”

The report continued, “Taibbi explained how the FBI and DHS would serve as government ‘conduits’ to police social media platforms for so-called ‘misinformation’ about the pandemic from other countries. And while Twitter initially balked, eventually, the platform gave way to government agencies and began acting on ‘recommendations’ from them to ban or censor certain content and users.”

“Requests arrived and were escalated from all over: from Treasury, the NSA, virtually every state, the HHS, from the FBI and DHS, and more. They also received an astonishing variety of requests from officials asking for individuals they didn’t like to be banned,” Taibbi added.

“Here, the office for Democrat and House Intel Committee chief Adam Schiff asks Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry.” he stated in a post that contained a request to “remove any and all content” concerning a House Intelligence Committee staffer. “’WE DON’T DO THIS’ Even Twitter refused to honor Schiff’s request. Sperry was later suspended, however,” the CB report revealed.

This particular revelation led to Musk pressing Schiff on Twitter, saying, “Hey @RepAdamSchiff, what’s this?”

Taibbi stated earlier, “In February 2020, as COVID broke out, the Global Engagement Center – a fledgling analytic/intelligence arms of the State Department – went to the media with a report called, Russian Disinformation Apparatus Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Concerns.’

“The GEC flagged accounts as ‘Russian personas and proxies’ based on criteria like, ‘Describing the Coronavirus as an engineered bioweapon,’ blaming ‘research conducted at the Wuhan institute,’ and ‘attributing the appearance of the virus to the CIA,’” he added.

“State also flagged accounts that retweeted news that Twitter banned the popular U.S. ZeroHedge, claiming the episode ‘led to another flurry of disinformation narratives.’ ZH had done reports speculating that the virus had lab origin,” Taibbi remarked in the thread.

“The GEC still led directly to news stories like the AFP’s headline, ‘Russia-linked disinformation campaign led to coronavirus alarm, US says,’ and a Politico story about how ‘Russian, Chinese, Iranian Disinformation Narratives Echo One Another,’” he proclaimed.

The overall point here is that Schiff was trying to silence any sort of view that might contradict the official COVID narrative that was being pushed at the time by the federal government. Of course, the left claims such moves were made to reduce the influence of misinformation, but shouldn’t that be the responsibility of the individual and not the government?

It seems the assumption of the liberal movement is that Americans are stupid and can’t make their own decisions. Sure, dumb people of all political persuasions exist. However, that doesn’t mean they represent the totality of the population. Once again, this is the left punishing the majority for the mistakes of a minority. Just allow folks to make their own decisions.

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