Nancy Pelosi Makes Comment About Biden’s Age; It Doesn’t Go The Way She Thought

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Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is catching all kinds of flack on social media for a comment she made regarding the age of President Joe Biden, a statement that definitely went sideways from the way she was probably expecting. I have to say, I love it when that happens to one of the darlings of the radical left. So satisfying.

Pelosi sat down with Evan Smith, a journalist who writes for The Atlantic, on Monday where she chatted about what she thinks about the future of democracy, when she claimed that Biden’s age is not a big problem because he’s younger than she is.

Before moving on, let me say how much I have come to despise the word, “democracy.” This phrase does not represent our system of government. Democracy is mob rule and always leads to disastrous oppression. The American system of government is a constitutional republic. It’s designed so that every single person gets a vote and a voice, even the little guy in the middle-of-nowhere. It gives folks who live in smack in the center of the country a chance to play a role in determining who leads the country, and by extension, which direction we go in when it comes to our values, instead of everything being determined by overcrowded cities that are almost exclusively liberal.

It’s balance. Democracy is not.

“He is absolutely a magnificent leader,” Pelosi stated during the interview, “He is younger than I am . . . so I don’t know what the problem is.”

“Twitter users, however, were quick to point out that this was not the rousing defense of Biden that Pelosi thought it was, and that there were several problems with her logic,” the Western Journal reported.

The WJ pointed out that Biden, in reality, is not that much younger than Pelosi. It’s a measly two year difference. He’s 80 and she’s 82. Big whoop. It’s essentially the same age. They are literally peers of one another. That would be totally different if he were, say, 60. But no, they are in the exact same stage of life.

“One Twitter user pointed out that comparing Biden to Pelosi in terms of youth was setting the bar rather low, as Pelosi herself seemed to be showing signs of age. ‘Someone needs to tell @SpeakerPelosi that this is NOT the winning point she thinks it is,’ he wrote. ‘She also seems somewhat impaired in looks, voice & mannerisms,'” the report added.

Another user on the social media platform went a step further and said, “Watch this without sound and tell me she doesn’t look absolutely Insane.”

Yes. Yes, she definitely does.

Also, it’s not necessarily that Biden’s age is an issue. I mean, it is, but the biggest concern is his mental state. How much evidence have we witnessed that this man’s elevator does not go all the way to the top floor? The list cannot be properly quantified. It’s endless at this point. Nigh unto eternity in length.

Our president requires a cheat sheet to remember where to stand, where to sit, where to walk. His own wife guides him around by the shoulders like a child. Secret Service has to help him find the door to the White House. He forgets questions mid-way through the answer. He bumbles and mumbles incoherently during speeches.

Need I go on?

“It is Biden’s seeming inability to get through a speech without making a series of embarrassing gaffes, or his difficulty in walking up the steps of Air Force One that is the source of criticism, not his age,” the WJ report said. “Pelosi saying that Biden is capable because he is younger than her does not vindicate him in any way. He still is showing signs of cognitive decline that need to be addressed.”

In reality, all this comment from Pelosi really is, is a distraction to keep people from raising questions about the overall mental health of our current president.

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