NCAA National Champion Wrestler Talks Importance Of Faith After Major Victory, Says ‘Christ’s Resurrection Is Everything’

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Aaron Brooks is the man. I mean it. This dude will rejuvenate your faith in the younger generation, proving that not all of those in college have been brainwashed by the madness of progressive ideology. As it turns out, not only is Brooks an amazing wrestler who is now on his way to winning four NCAA titles, a long-time goal of his, but he’s also a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, something he made quite clear after winning his third straight national title over the weekend.

The match took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma as he wrestled for Penn State University’s Nittany Lions. During a post-match interview, Brooks went on to underscore that as awesome as winning championships can be, it’s not the most important thing.

“It’s all God,” he said during his conversation with ESPN, according to TheBlaze. “It’s all for His glory.”

The Herald-Mail reported that Aaron Brooks first publicly expressed his intention to ‘win four NCAA titles’ on Feb. 1, 2018,” the report added.

TheBlaze then revealed, “In order to become the sixth three-time NCAA champion in Penn State’s history, Brooks first had to win Saturday by a 13-4 decision in round one against Matthew Waddell of Chattanooga; win by forfeit in round two against Will Feldkamp of Clarion; win by a 4-1 decision in the quarter-final against Kaleb Romero of Ohio State; and win by a 6-3 decision in the semi-final against Trent Hidlay of North Carolina State.”

Brooks scored two takedowns in a 7-2 decision over Parker Keckeisen, who wrestled for Northern Iowa, as former President Donald Trump looked on from the crowd, ending his season with a 17-1 record and an overall record of 67-3. That, my friends, is total domination.

During the post-match interview, Brooks was asked by ESPN if it was his strong faith that aided him “on a night like tonight.” His response was total perfection.

“It’s everything,” said the champion wrestler. “Christ’s resurrection is everything. Not just His life, but His death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him, the Holy Spirit, only through Him — no false prophets, no Mohammad, no anyone else — only Jesus Christ Himself.”

The reporter, shaken by the statement, attempted to change the subject and get off religion by saying, “Power and finesse: Your calling card.”

However, before the reporter could come up with a question, Brooks said, “The Holy Spirit…Acts, chapter 1, verse 8.”

The verse Brooks quoted say “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

“Power: Holy Spirit power,” Brooks preached on, bringing true glory to the name of Jesus Christ. “That’s everything. That’s where it’s from.”

The reporter then asks him where the finesse came from.

Brooks cracked a smile and said, “Holy Spirit as well.”

“And Mom and Dad, maybe?” asked the reporter.

“A little bit of both, but all God,” answered Brooks, clearly revealing he has his priorities straight.

The Big Ten champion then said that the reason behind his victory on Saturday was so he could have a platform to share his beliefs and carry out God’s will for his life.

“He gives me this platform for this right here, to exalt Him. That’s all it’s for. When I’m suffering, cutting weight, away from my family, it’s all for Him. It’s all for His glory,” He told the reporter.

Our country needs more young men like Brooks, who is a true modern-day hero of the faith. Thank God for him and the opportunity he had to share his faith.

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