Trump Says GOP ‘Has No Choice,’ Needs To Fight Like Dems To Overcome Them Mail-In Voting Efforts

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Former President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with the folks over at Breitbart News on Friday, where he stated that if the GOP wants to nab major, important victories in the future, they must engage and fight with the Democrats on mail-in voting and ballot harvesting by adopting their own tactics against them. Trump said Republicans have “no choice” but to “live with a system that stinks” for right now until they can regain power and make necessary changes to improve the situation.

However, it’s important to point out that the former president still thinks there needs to be some kind of systemic reform concerning how elections are done in the United States.

“The best thing would be same-day voting, paper ballots, voter ID, et cetera,” he stated during the interview, repeating comments he has made in past public remarks. And he’s right on the money. All of the things he has mentioned would help make elections fair, balanced, and open for all Americans, allowing the voices of the public to be heard.

Trump then slammed the mail-in voting craze and ballot harvesting system have led to major “corruption” in our elections.

“The system, it’s not a question of being broken — the system is corrupt,” Trump said during his conversation with Breitbart News. “It’s a corrupt system. A mail-in ballot will always be corrupt. When you go to a polling location and they want your identification and everything, the way — you can’t really vote unless it’s a legit deal. If you have mail-in ballots, nobody has any idea where it’s coming from or where it’s going to and then it travels through so many hands. Jimmy Carter came out a long time ago with a number of highly respected people and they wrote something, and the one thing that come out loud and clear is that mail-in ballots are corrupt. France had it, a lot of countries had it and they went away from it now.”

“While Trump questioning these matters is not particularly new, the interesting and very new detail here is Trump recognizes that for now Republicans are not in the position they need to be at in government, at the federal or state and local levels, to be able to enact major reforms on this front. So, until such time as they can, Trump says now Republicans should continue to ‘shame’ Democrats but recognize that the system is the way it is — but more importantly Trump says the GOP should actually compete with Democrats on this battlefield in elections and try to outdo the Democrats in the mail voting,” Breitbart’s report continued.

“You’re right,” Trump remarked when Breitbart News pointed out that Republicans cannot produce the kind of changes to the rules we need to preserve election integrity if they are not in power. “But you can shame the hell out of people and you can shame the Democrats. The Democrats know it’s corrupt and the Democrats should want to fix it but they don’t because they do have an advantage under that system. For the time, though, we have to live with the system that stinks so we have to fight it like they do, which is your question.”

When the former president was asked if the GOP should try and compete against Democrats on mail voting and ballot harvesting, these are both legal and practiced. Trump said Republicans have “no choice.”

“They have no choice. They have to,” he replied.

“But the Democrats should want to fix it too because it’s a corrupt election,” Trump added. “Our elections are totally corrupt. The Democrats should want to fix that. They don’t because it is to their benefit the way it is now. But the Republicans have no choice but to fix it. It’s going to be very hard but the Republicans have to fix it.”

If we don’t fight back according to the rules that Democrats have established, we’ll never regain power and control so that we can change the rules to make them fair, moral, and well-balanced. We must be competitive within the very system we loathe in order to defeat the enemies of liberty.

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