Pop Star Issues Warning For Women Considering Abortion; Everyone Needs To Hear This

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Pop star Kaya Jones, former singer with the Pussycat Dolls, has revealed that she’s had three abortions in the past and regrets every single one of them. She then went on to add that her experiences with this horrific procedure have been “painful beyond measure,” noting that you “never get over it.” This is a message every woman considering abortion in this country absolutely needs to hear. More women with this kind of platform who share this point of view need to speak up and help prevent the murder of the preborn.

“It is something that you will live with for the rest of your life, and when it hits women at a later time, it is something that is so painful,” Jones shared with Christine Yeargin during an interview on the Speak Out podcast, according to Breitbart.

Jones then said she got her first abortion when she was just a teenager after birth control failed to prevent pregnancy. This is one reason why we as a culture need to start recommending and teaching abstinence until marriage. There is no such thing as sex without consequences. Even without getting pregnant, sexual activity was designed by God to bond two people together in a special, intimate relationship unlike any other. The problem with our society is that it tries to deny this reality and make it all about physical pleasure. No matter what, you can’t remove these elements from the act. This is why sex outside of a committed relationship can be so emotionally devastating.

It’s nothing to mess around with, contrary to the teaching of modern culture.

“I was very young — in the music industry, not receiving any guidance other than what I believed,” she explained. “And I was on the birth control pill at that time, so I figured, ‘Well, the pill didn’t work’ — and it actually didn’t, so I didn’t feel that that was murder. I didn’t have any understanding of it. I didn’t speak to my family about it.”

Jones then stated that her second pregnancy happened while she was with the Pussycat Dolls and was told she needed to “get rid of it.” How disgusting to refer to a child as nothing more than an “it.” This is what the left and feminists have accomplished with their movement. The dehumanization of pre-born children, all so they can justify their attempt to have sex without consequences. Awful.

“And at that point, because I had already gone through an abortion previously, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Jones confessed, then adding at the age of 30, she found herself pregnant a third time because of being the victim of a rape.

Jones stated that while she “wanted to keep the baby,” she decided that “ultimately, due to the stress of all of it — there were complications — and that led to another abortion.”

The pop star then said that the “trauma” from the three abortions is why “I became very, very adamant about speaking about pro-life.”

“Unfortunately, people don’t want to talk to young women about it in the way that I feel we should start talking to young women about it,” she continued during the interview. “Instead of just demonizing it or putting all these regulations, we have to come up with some kind of understanding of the damage.”

“When you’ve had one, you think you can keep having them,” Jones admitted. “You don’t think it’s a big deal, and I genuinely think our culture has turned it into a form of — contraception.”

Jones then recounted a time when she was onstage in the middle of a performance with her former music group when she saw two young ladies in the audience, realizing she was an inspiration to them, feeling the weight of her responsibility to be a positive role model to those who listen to her music. She said that led to the realization that she “had to take a hard look at myself,” because she was experiencing an abortion in “real time.”

“[They were] looking up at me like I was a Spice Girl. The way I looked to the Spice Girls, they were looking up at the Pussycat Dolls, like, ‘Wow.’ And when you see these two little faces, at that moment, I was going through an abortion. I’m losing my child in real time, I’m being told I was fat before this encounter, before I go on stage, I’m supposed to have super confidence, I’m losing my child, these two little girls are looking at me going, ‘Wow, mom, she’s a Pussycat Doll,'” Jones stated during the show.

Jones added, “These young women are going to have this as their focal point of what beautiful is, what fame is, what success is, and — nothing on me in that moment said, ‘Caution, this is a lie.’ Nothing was saying that. And I was a lie in that moment. There was nothing beautiful about me. I was tainted, I was destructive, I was destroyed, I was completely in chained and bonded to the devil or the enemy or the realm of death, if you will, where I was living in my worst self.”

“We’re all mothers of dead children if you’ve gone through an abortion,” Jones affirmed in the segment. “You will regret it your whole life. Even if I become a mother tomorrow, and I’m happily married and all is well, I’m still going to regret the three children I did not have.”

This is the message more young women need to hear today. Sadly, many social media sites won’t allow this to be spread because it contradicts the liberal propaganda floating around the Internet. Their Democratic overlords will go to any lengths to protect the shedding of innocent blood.

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