Report Reveals Democrats Still Pushing For Reparations, But It Doesn’t End There

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According to a report by Fox News, there are now multiple House Democrats who are pushing, yet again, for reparations and a national apology for the evil of slavery, which our country left behind a long, long time ago, seemingly proving that the only thing that matters to the left is ensuring they can chain up minorities to their party and use them as a means of not only keeping the current level of power they enjoy, but gaining more. Greed isn’t only about money, you know.

A piece published by Breitbart said that the group has reintroduced a bill to create a commission where its members would address slavery in the United States, with one Democrat hoping the country can effectively deal with the issue. I mean, I thought we dealt with it when we ended it, but I guess I was wrong.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and 52 House Democrats proposed the legislation this week in an effort to keep the issue alive. Her legislation, which was considered by the House Judiciary Committee in the last Congress when Democrats were in charge, is unlikely to taken up in the 118th Congress led by Republicans,” Fox News continued in their report.

“Though some have tried to deflect the importance of these conversations by focusing on individual monetary compensation, the real issue is whether and how this nation can come to grips with the legacy of slavery that still infects current society,” she remarked. “Through legislation, resolutions, news, and litigation, we are moving closer to making more strides in the movement toward reparations.”

While all of this is going down in Congress, users on social media have expressed their own thoughts and feelings on the topic, with one person writing, “I’m sorry is there anyone in this country that actually owned a slave? I never did nor ever plan on it.”

“How is it right, taking money from people who never owned slaves & giving it to people who were never slaves?” another individual then asked.

Jackson Lee explained that monetary compensation needs to be part of the conversation, making the claim that members of the black community are still dealing with the economic effects of slavery.

No, what they are suffering from is the effects of failed Democratic policies that put an emphasis on hooking folks on “free stuff” paid for by the American taxpayer, and then using fear as a weapon in order to ensure these individuals stick to voting for leftists in a vicious cycle of destruction. You see, leftists will create fear campaigns to convince minorities that Republicans want to take away all of their available benefits, thus, if they want free stuff, they have to pull the lever for a Democrat.

But Democratic Party policies destroy economic opportunity and make it impossible for minorities who are living in inner cities in rough, rundown neighborhoods to rise above their station or create businesses and jobs that would help rehabilitate the area they call home. Conservatives want to provide a hand up, not a hand out, because we believe all people have value, dignity, and worth and should not be treated like pawns for political purposes.

“However, the bill does not contain a recommendation on payment or a national apology but lays those decisions at the feet of the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, the Fox report said,” Breitbart said. “Meanwhile, actor and comedian Faizon Love thinks the reparations money the state of California is planning on doling out to its black citizens will end up being wasted, Breitbart News reported in December.”

He obliterated the idea while speaking during an interview, saying, “F*** that. That’s another trick man — you know why? Because that money’s gonna go right back to Cadillac and right back to motherf***ing [Mercedes] Benz.”

A committee in the state of California is considering the idea of reparations which would mean a whopping $200,000 per person who qualifies as being descended from African American slaves.

“The state has been considering reparations since 2020 under a law signed that year by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D),” the report revealed.

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