State University Of New York Is Now Forcing Students To Take Woke Course Or Not Graduate

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A university in New York is now planning to force all incoming freshman students to take a course on “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice” or else they will not be able to graduate. If you don’t think the main mission of this university and many others in our country is the completion of indoctrination progressives start in kindergarten, this should prove otherwise.

The members who make up the State University of New York, or SUNY, Board of Trustees have now made it mandatory to take these DEISJ courses for freshmen who attend the school starting later this year.

“This is nuts,” Professor Nicholas Giordano of SUNY’s Suffolk Community College, said in an interview with The New York Post. “SUNY is one of the best university systems in the country. Why are they doing this? DEISJ is a cultural movement, not based on academics. Unfortunately, SUNY responded to the mob.”

Giordano went on to make the claim that the coursework involved in the DEISJ looks at the United States as being “inherently racist,” while going on to “create groups and pitting them against each other.”

“This is a woke, left-wing agenda,” Conservative Party of New York Chairman Jerry Kassar went on to say about the new decision. “It’s disturbing. It’s dangerous. They’re treating everybody as having prejudice. It’s like a socialist, Communist state. It’s unbelievable. These ideas are best addressed at home.”

The guidance from the University Faculty Senate and the Faculty Council of Community Colleges to Campuses encourages the teaching of the course to consider perspectives from outside America, writing, ‘One can imagine how theory and criticism rooted outside the United States could help guide faculty and students in addressing and thinking about diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in the United States,'” the Daily Wire reported.

John King, SUNY Chancellor, fired back, saying, “Exposure to, and understanding of, diversity is essential to success in our modern society and economy. As a leader in preparing the future workforce and citizenry, SUNY is committed to embedding diversity into the foundation of all it does – from academics to campus life and everything in between.”

“By recognizing and celebrating our diversity and fostering respectful dialogue and debate, SUNY provides students with the world-class education they deserve,” he continued.

The New York State Board of Regents insisted back in the fall of 2021 that “Every New York school district will develop and adopt a diversity, equity, and inclusion education policy. … It is the expectation of the NYS Board of Regents that the Department, schools, and districts will implement DEI policies and practices with urgency and fidelity.”

“The Board of Regents will discuss a framework on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for New York State Schools which will serve as the basis for adopting a policy statement,” they went on to add in their statement on the subject. “With this framework, the Board is ready to address the long history of racism and bigotry, and the corrosive impact they have had on every facet of American life.”

Colleges and universities are no longer about preparing you for the real world or helping you to explore subjects from a well rounded educational perspective. Instead, they are now indoctrination centers for the progressive movement. This is why we’ve declined in so many industries across the planet.

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