Tim Pool Reveals Pro-Abortion Guest’s Hypocrisy In Awesome Mic Drop Moment

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Popular podcast host Tim Pool recently brought the hypocrisy of a pro-abortion guest to light during an episode of his “Timcast IRL” program, and it was glorious. Pool was interviewing Lance from The Serfs, which is a democratic socialist YouTube channel with a sizable following. During the course of the conversation, the topic of abortion, also known as the murder of pre-born children, came up. Lance then stated that he thinks a woman should have the choice and “ultimate authority over what happens to her body.”

Well, sure. I believe that too. However, the unborn child growing in a woman’s uterus is not part of her body. It’s inside her body, the child has a body of his or her own. And let’s be very clear and get a little uncomfortable here. The baby wouldn’t be inside of the mother had the woman not chosen to have sex without protection. Yes, there are times when a baby is the product of a violent crime such as a rape, but that is hardly the norm. And even then, you cannot morally punish the child by sentencing him or her to death for the crime of the father. That is not just.

“What about meth?” Pool then asked Lance.

“Uh … like, should she be allowed to do meth?” Lance commented. “Uh, I think if someone is doing meth while they’re pregnant, that it is completely acceptable for something like [child services] …”

“It’s her body, though,” Pool responded.

The Daily Wire has the rest of the conversation:

“Yeah, it’s her body,” Lance said.

“If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?” Pool asked.

“Uh, the big deal is that it’s – she’s intentionally trying to kill a child,” Lance said.

There was a brief silence as they both realized what he admitted. “Hold on there a minute,” Pool said, and Lance admitted, “Yeah, I see where you’re …” 

“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Pool said. 

The video clip featuring the exchange went viral on social media. Live Action, a pro-life advocacy organization commented on the mini debate, saying, “Well done.”

“Why would you debate this topic when you haven’t thought about your position for even a second?” another Twitter user posted. That post garnered 1.5 million views on Friday alone.

During another portion of the episode, Pool talked with his guest about kids who identify as being transgender being given “gender-affirming care,” which is just liberal talk for hormone therapy and gender-mutilation. Pool said that this whole phenomenon was a form of genocide.

“I think there is a trans genocide,” Pool went on to say. “And I think it’s you. Because you’re sterilizing a lot of these people. You’re literally sterilizing them – the surgery to remove the gonads, hysterectomies, and cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers have a high rate of sterilization.”

The comment was made after his guest brought the usual pre-approved talking points that are always being brought up about how there are more transgender young people now because they are being accepted by society.

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