Trump Destroys FBI, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Says They Are ‘Totally Weaponized’

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Former President Donald Trump took an opportunity this week to completely smash on the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal law enforcement agencies, saying they have been weaponized against the American people. If there is anyone who would know about this particular topic, it’s Trump, who has experienced this weaponization first hand. The FBI is now being used as a tool to try and silence the left’s opposition, a prospect that should terrify Americans who love their freedom.

“It’s totally been weaponized with these prosecutors,” Trump went on to say Monday on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “They’ve been going after me for years — prosecutors and the Democrats on the radical left. By the way, the higher my poll numbers go, the harder they come at me.”

“Public backlash has been growing against the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal law enforcement agencies for perceived politicization and abuse of power. Examples include collusion with social media platforms to censor user content, cooperation with demands to monitor parents sounding off at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists, and referring to Catholics that go to Latin mass as “extremist threats,'” Just the News reported.

“The former president also railed against what he views as federal law enforcement double standards regarding retention and storage of classified records,” the report continued. “Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI last year in a search for classified documents sought in an official records dispute with the National Archives.”

It’s come out in recent months that President Joe Biden himself has kept a few classified documents from the Obama era stored in his garage at his Wilmington, Delaware home, along with a few that were found stashed at his office at the Penn Biden Center. Federal authorities worked with the cooperation of Biden’s attorneys to identify and collect these records without utilizing an FBI raid like they did with Trump.

“Looking at the document hoax — it’s a hoax,” the former president said. “Obama took documents all over the place. And you know, if you take a look at Obama and Biden, and you take a look at all of them, including Jimmy Carter — and we wish him well — everybody took documents.”

Trump promised he would continue to fight against the politicization of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, thus working for the American public to protect their rights and freedoms from out-of-control tyrannical government.

“It’s a disgrace what’s going on,” he finished. “But I’ve been fighting it for years, and I’ll continue to fight it. We’ve been doing very well.”

Leftists are desperate to silence conservatives. So much so they are no longer working in the shadows to do so, but are blatantly attacking folks with different political views right out in the open. They started with Trump and then attacked a pro-life activist, Mark Houck, who was later cleared of the charges they tried to stick to him.

Boys and girls, the left hates you. They hate your freedom. They hate your liberty. Why? Because they sincerely believe they can perfect the human race and create a utopian society. We know the truth. Only God can pull off such a miracle.

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