Trump’s 2024 Campaign Releases Homeless Plan, Includes Ban For ‘Urban Camping’

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Former President Donald Trump and his 2024 presidential campaign has released his plan for dealing with homelessness in big cities, going on to issue a promise that if he is elected president for a second time, he will place a ban on “urban camping,” going on to suggest that the effort he wants to put in place could potentially be funded by diverting cash away from the mess between Ukraine and Russia. That sounds like a much better use of tax dollars than funding a corrupt government’s war with another corrupt nation, don’t you think?

The agenda for issues that are related to the problem of homelessness, like mental illness and drug addiction, was published on Trump’s campaign website, Make America Great Again, along with a video speech that was published by the former president Monday on social video site Rumble.

“Our first consideration should be the rights and safety of the hardworking, law-abiding citizens who make our society function,” Trump stated, according to Newsmax. “When I am back in the White House, we will use every tool, lever, and authority to get the homeless off our streets. We want to take care of them, but they have to be off our streets.”

“There is nothing compassionate about letting these individuals live in filth and squalor rather than getting them the help that they need,” he added. “We need professionals to help them. For a small fraction of what we spend upon Ukraine, we could take care of every homeless veteran in America.”

The former president then said, “Our veterans are being treated horribly. Likewise, with all the money we will save by ending mass unskilled migration, we will have a huge dividend to address this crisis in our own country.”

“Under my strategy, working with states, we will BAN urban camping wherever possible,” he also said during the video speech.

“According to the Trump campaign, the former president, if returned to the White House in 2024, would ‘open large parcels of inexpensive land, bring in doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and drug rehab specialists, and create tent cities where the homeless can be relocated and their problems identified’ — and ‘bring back mental institutions to house and rehabilitate” the ‘severely mentally ill or dangerously deranged,'” Newsmax reported.

In the video, Trump then proclaimed that his “strategy will be far better and also far less expensive than spending vast sums of taxpayer money to house the homeless in luxury hotels without addressing their underlying issue.”

“This is how I will end the scourge of homelessness and make our cities clean, and safe, and beautiful once again,” he promised.

The issue of homelessness is a critical one to tackle. The left has done nothing to solve this problem, instead, implementing policies that actually create more poverty and homelessness and encourage drug use and dependence by offering free supplies to those who are addicted to these dangerous substances. My friends, this is most definitely not the way.

Former President Donald Trump’s plan would be a step in the right direction. Heck, anything beats doing nothing, right?

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