VP Harris Once Again Taking Major Heat After Holiday Statement

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Vice President Kamala Harris is taking a lot of heat this week after shared a video concerning her personal beliefs on social media, which should probably not come as a surprise as she’s known to be a magnet for controversy. For those who might not be familiar with Kwanzaa, it is a non-denominational celebration of African-American heritage, which kicked off on Monday and runs through January 1. The week-long holiday celebrates a different principle of being a black American each night.

And, true to form, Harris found a way to make the observance of Kwanzaa all about her. Because, for those who might not have known, it’s always about her.

“Hello, everyone, and Happy Kwanzaa. Doug and I sent our warmest wishes to all of you this holiday season,” Harris stated in a video posing alongside her husband Doug Emhoff, according to the Conservative Brief.

“During Kwanzaa, we celebrate the history and heritage of the African American community and the African diaspora,” Emhoff stated.

“Growing up Kwanzaa was always a special time. We came together with generations of friends and family and neighbors. There were never enough chairs. So my sister and I and the other children would often sit on the floor and together we lit the candles of the kinara. And then the elders would talk about how Kwanzaa is a time to celebrate culture, community, and family. And they, of course, taught us about the seven principles. My favorite principle was always the second — Kujichagulia. Self-determination, the power to design your own life and determine your own future. And it is a deeply American principle, one that guides me every day as vice president,” Harris added.

“To everyone celebrating, we hope your week is filled with love and light. From our family to yours: Happy Kwanzaa,” Emhoff finished, just before Harris added, “Happy Kwanzaa.”


The Conservative Brief explains some of the background of Kwanzaa in its report, saying, “As National Geographic notes, Kwanzaa was started in 1966 by Los Angeles black power activist and academic Maulanga Karenga, founder of the Us Organization.”

“The holiday struggled for recognition in its early years, writes historian Elizabeth Pleck in the Journal of American Ethnic History. Although some urban communities adopted it, many Christians and Muslims viewed the secular holiday as antithetical to their beliefs,” National Geographic points out. “Kwanzaa’s adoption also slowed as the Us Organization unraveled amid internal feuds—including Karenga’s 1971 conviction and imprisonment for torturing two women he believed had tried to poison him.”

Harris herself was born in 1964, which was before the holiday was created. This obvious fact has led to many on social media questioning her childhood memories after the claims she made in the video.

Harris has proven time and time again to be a malleable piece of the Democratic Party puzzle, doing whatever the powers-that-be ask her to do, whether or not it is morally right or acceptable. This is why she has done next to nothing to end the border crisis, despite the president charging her to solve it.

At the end of the day, Harris and others want the border wide open. The more folks cross the border illegally, the more people they can trap with free stuff and demand they vote Democrat or else lose their goodies, courtesy of the American tax payer.

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