WATCH: Radical Antifa Members Caught On Video Assaulting Women Protesting Murderous Transsexual Placement In Women’s Prison

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Violent left-wing radicals — yes, contrary to the propaganda coming out of the media, they do exist — were caught in the act of violently assaulting a group of women who gathered outside of a courthouse in California Monday to protest against the placement of a murderous male transsexual in a women’s prison.

How often do we hear the propagandists making up narratives about how violent and dangerous so-called “domestic terrorists” (which is really a derogatory term for conservatives) posing a threat to the security of our country? At this point, pretty regularly. But you know what we don’t really hear a lot about? This kind of stuff. In fact, the left pretends this stuff doesn’t happen.

According to TheBlaze, “A group of women, some affiliated with the U.S. chapter of Women’s Declaration International, gathered outside the René C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, California, to protest the possible placement of Dana Rivers in a women’s prison after his triple conviction last month.”

TheBlaze previously reported that Rivers, a national transsexual rights activist and former American Federation of Teachers labor leader, was found guilty in November of butchering two lesbians and murdering their adopted African son,” the report continued.

Rivers, whose birth name is actually David Warfield, stabbed 56-year-old Charlotte Reed over 40 times, then shot her twice, back on Nov. 11, 2016. Because apparently, the stab wounds weren’t enough to guarantee the poor woman’s death. But the carnage, unfortunately, does not end there. Rivers also shot and stabbed 57-year-old Patricia Wright.

Before lighting the victims’ house on fire, the transsexual activist shot 19-year-old Benny Biambu-Wright, who died later.

“The Post Millennial reported that the protesters do not want Rivers — in court for sanity proceedings — to be incarcerated among real women,” TheBlaze stated.

The protesters held signs that said, “Dana Rivers is a man,” which is true, along with others that said, “No men in women’s prisons,” something else that is also true.

The report also revealed, “Among the protesters wearing sashes that read ‘Woman Adult Human Female’ were Lierre Keith, founder of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), attorney Kara Dansky, president of Women’s Declaration International, and biology professor Arla Hile.”

Keith stated that the protest she organized on Monday was in addition to ongoing legal efforts by her organization to protect women from being jailed with men. Again, this should be a no-brainer. It’s amazing to me that this is a topic we are actually debating in the 21st century. There’s no way we’re more intelligent than our ancestors. I think we’ve devolved intellectually.

“WoLF filed a lawsuit in California on Nov. 17, 2021, challenging a law that houses a criminal ‘in a correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual’s preference,'” the report added.

The women’s group went on to say that the transfer of hundreds of men into female correctional facilities has “resulted in intimidation, sexual harassment, physical assaults, and sexual assaults committed by the men against female inmates.”

After speaking their minds and letting their grievances be known on the steps of the courthouse, the protesters took their event to Lake Merritt Park, which is located nearby. It was there that the women were attacked by over a dozen thugs from leftist radicals known as Antifa.

“In a video capturing part of the resultant attack by what appear to be two male leftists, one witness can be heard saying, ‘These are the kind of men we want to keep out of the prison,'” the report stated.

The miscreants donned masks and hoods and were dressed all in black. One of the individuals was on a bike and sported a red armband. And yet, we’re supposed to believe that Antifa is just an “idea” and not an organized group. Yeah. Right.

“The attackers whipped pies and eggs at some of the women, jabbed one protester with an umbrella, and proceeded to bull over others, ultimately taking their banner,” TheBlaze reported.

“The day before the attack, an event listing was posted to the leftist activist site calling for radicals ‘to counter a rally by leaders of the TERF group WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front), which works closely with the far-Right, white nationalists, right-wing think-tanks, and the Republican party to attack trans people,'” the report continued.

There was another listing posted on a left-wing site for a counterprotest called “F***TERFs” and then went on to slam Kara Dansky and Lierre Keith as being transphobes who “choose to focus on … enforcing gender bigotry in prisons. In doing so, they clearly align themselves with the most hateful demagoguery currently animating far-right politics.”

Keith, while speaking with the Post Millennial, said that despite suffering an injured eye and being hit in the head, she was able to see that “they’re just cowards. They came, they hit us. It’s a bunch of men hitting a bunch of women, as usual.”

One of the protesters, Jesika Gonzalez, said, “They were quick because they’re men. … They could easily overpower us, grab our signs and run away. That’s all they were after; they wanted to steal our message from us.”

You can see the video on Rumble here.



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