Westminster College Offering New Class That Sets Women Back Decades

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Westminster College, an educational institution located in Utah, is now offering students a two-credit course called…wait for a it….”How to Be a B*tch.” Of course the actual title of the class contains the full expletive, but this is a family show, so we’ll just bleep that right out for y’all. Just one of the many wonderful services we offer our readers here at My Patriot Post.

You’re welcome, America.

“(Re)framing the Realities of Women in Leadership What does the media teach us about women (or gender) and leadership, aggression and behavior? What does interpersonal and organizational communication teach us? Why are words like ‘b*tch’ and ‘bossy’ so interesting yet problematic? Are they a badge or a burden? Come unpack B*tch and its related adjectives to figure out what you want to embrace and what we wish would go away,” a description of the course reads, according to TheBlaze.

The course is supposed to run from May 8-June 3. It’s not new, believe it or not, as it’s been offered in the past. I didn’t realize learning how to be a female dog was something that a lot of young women were interested in these days, but I guess that shows how out of touch with the woke progressive crowd I am. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

TheBlaze notes that one of the instructors of the course is Dr. Kim Zarkin, who, according to the college’s website has her primary area of research in “the regulation of sexually explicit speech.” Sounds like a really useful area of study. I’m sure the findings Dr. Zarkin comes up with will revolutionize absolutely nothing and successfully manage to regress our culture by several decades.

Oh, and the college is also offering students a four-credit course called, “Dead White Women,” during the spring semester this year. I don’t think the richness this class will provide kids paying thousands of dollars for an overpriced and completely useless education can be captured in words. The English language is simply inadequate to the task.

“With programing that holds salacious titles such as Stalked, Last Seen Alive, Surviving Evil, Southern Fried Homicide, House of Horrors: Kidnapped, Beauty Queen Murders, Dates from Hell and Swamp Murders the Investigative Discovery (ID) channel is the go to place to marvel at the frequency of violent deaths white women suffer at the hands of deranged murderers,” a description of the course says.

So exciting. I can already see the limitless real world applications students will take away from this class. Anyone who attends is sure to receive a leg up on the competition in the current job market.

“What is so attractive about watching dead white women? What is it about white women’s deaths that peeks our voyeuristic instincts? Do we as a culture find pleasure at the horrifying deaths of white women at the hands of abusive lovers and husbands? What is so titillating about these TV series? In this course we will watch popular documentary-style crime drama, scripted TV series, films and documentary films that demonstrates our (unhealthy) obsession with the death of white women. We will study these works from an interdisciplinary approach that includes theorists from film studies, cultural anthropology, feminist studies and critical race studies,” the description continues.

Sounds thrilling. I might have to sign up for the course myself.

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