Woke “Comedian” Leslie Jones Threatens To Put Her ‘Foot Right Up Your A**ses” If You Protest Drag Story Hour

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Leslie Jones, who might be one of the most unfunny people in the entertainment industry, is now threatening that if you show up to protest drag queen story hours, she”ll put her “foot right up your…a**es.” Because how dare you take steps to try and protect children from pedophile groomers who want to normalize sexual deviancy in future generations of Americans! If you want to protect your kids from becoming young victims of sexual abuse by ragging on drag story hour, well, you’re a horrific excuse for a human being and should probably be put in prison or the victim of a brutal physical assault by  a washed-up celebrity that no one cares about.

Hope you recognized the sarcasm in that paragraph, because I was laying it on pretty thick.

According to TheBlaze, Jones went on a foul-mouthed rant in a recently published video that is supposedly a part of the “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon, where another fellow wokester in Hollywood, Charlize Theron, also issued a threat to “f*** anybody up” who slams drag queens for putting on highly sexualized drag queen shows aimed at children.

“Now y’all protestin’ at libraries? Libraries?!? Drag queens are readin’ books voluntarily to kids and their parents who show up voluntarily for a story time! When was the last time you voluntarily read to your kids, Tanya? I realize books with no pictures are scary for some of y’all, but books teach kids to think. They teach them to be creative, learn about history, give them a [sic] escape to magical places where they can use their imagination to be anyone they wanna be — a pirate, a mermaid, or a man in a dress! And I’m talking ’bout wizards, because if that wizard is hot, I don’t care if he’s in a dress … I’m gonna f*** him,” Jones said in the video.

“I dare y’all to show up at a Leslie Jones story hour and interrupt me while I’m reading a story! ‘Cause I’m gonna be like The Giving Tree and give my foot right up your insecure, deflectin’ a****. So the next time you wanna show up to bother a queen at story time, at a show, at the bottomless brunch, or even just on the street livin’ their d*** lives, you better check yourself, Tanya! And don’t think about what Jesus would do; think about what Leslie gonna do — ’cause I’m watchin’ you. Drag isn’t dangerous. But Leslie Jones is,” she continued.

Folks were none too happy with Jones and her vulgar display of radical leftism, with many taking to social media in order to offer their own take on what she had to say.

“I could take him,” one commenter zinged.

“Shut up, Lolo,” another user on the platform posted.

“She isn’t gonna do s**t except end up in the hospital,” a commenter on social media went on to predicted.

“Does she even have any kids?” another user pondered.

Podcast host Megyn Kelly was having none of the nonsense, firing back at Charlize Theron with a challenge, saying, “come and f*** me up…because I’m 100 percent against her on this.”

“Yes, there are fun drag queen shows. I’ve been to them,” Kelly went on to say during a recent episode of her program. “When I lived in Chicago, we went to one that was super fun – it was all adults.”

Kelly then added, “But there are drag queen shows out there right now that are deeply disturbing, and they’re happening in front of young children.”

“So know what you’re supporting, understand what we’re actually seeing out there which can include absolutely the grooming of young children,” she then explained.


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